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Who I Am

I am always researching and expanding my knowledge on how to get the best Therapeutic massage. So many people look at massage therapy as a way to just relax, but there is so much more to learn. I have enjoyed learning and training on the different forms and techniques there are to offer. I am a certified therapist and also trained with several masters in the art of therapy. I have also just completed the Master level of Reiki and I am excited to help pass my knowledge along to help other people with so many struggles. 

Why me?

I have struggled most of my teen age and adult years with stress and tension that have caused so much negative energy. I have been able to take the knowledge that I have and turn the pain around. It is great to wake up and know that with the right massage therapist, there is no more pain. I struggle with migraines and I have to say that when you do not want to be touched, see light, smell anything, it is a horrible feeling. Know this, regardless of the struggles you may be dealing with the right technique can change you entire outlook on life.